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Overview of the Thanjavur

Hindu Mythological ancedotes state that there made use of to be a demonic evil one called Tanjan. Neelamegha Perumal, Lord Vishnu’s avatar eliminated that titan at Thanjavur to bring back peace as well as humanity. The city of Thanjavur is thought to have actually acquired its name from this demon. The city rose to importance during the rule of Chola emperor King Vijayala chola that made it the head quarters of Chola empire. After the fall of Chola dynasty, the city was ruled by a number of empires like Pandyas, Nayaks, Marathas and the British. The management powers of Thanjavur were given over to British empire under the signed treaty of 1799. British records refer the city as Tanjore.

Background of Thanjavur throws light on the crucial historical and chronological occasions that had an impact on the social, political as well as social scenario during the ancient times. Thanjavur has actually been the cradle of world during the standard duration. The ancient city of Thanjavur rose to prominence in the 12th and 13th centuries under the able rulers of the Chola empire. Under the patronage of the Chola kings, Thanjavur prospered in the fields of art, literature as well as architecture. Amongst the mighty rulers of the Chola dynasty, Karikala and Koccengan were the most successful managers that assisted in the development of Sangam Literary works. The leaders of the Chola empire built beautiful temples as well as monuments that contributed to the grandeur of Thanjavur. Vijayyalaya was another noticeable ruler of the Chola dynasty who better conquered new areas as well as increased the district of Thanjavur. Rajaraja I was one of the most successful ruler of the Cholas who was a fantastic manager and also had actually put up the well-known Rajarajeshwara Holy place. Nonetheless throughout the duration of 1120 to 1163, the Cholas lost power and also the Pandya kings got significance. After a short policy of the Pandya leaders, the reins of administration of Thanjavur mosted likely to the hands of the Muslim leaders. During the 14th century, the Vijaynagar leaders took over the management of the ancient city that lasted till the 17th century. The Marattas subjugated Thanjavur momentarily period. Thanjavur was eventually taken over by the British leaders by the Treaty of 1799. The background of the old city supplies information regarding Thanjavur during the old period.